Volunteering ESC

Solid Art of Sokołowsko – young people for the community

Aim of the project:

The main goal of the project is to increase professional opportunities for young people from European countries, bringing new perspectives of development within interdisciplinary arts.

Volunteers’ tasks:

  • co-organizing exhibitions, performances, festivals and workshops
  • cooperation with other artists
  • taking care of historical monuments
  • organising intercultural activities based on the volunteers’ own culture and traditions
  • promoting solidarity and the European Voluntary Service
  • building positive relations with the local community and involving it in civic activities
  • creating workshops on ecology and upcycling

Benefits of the participation:

  • gaining interesting work experience
  • getting to know new techniques of archiving and inventory of artistic materials
  • gaining knowledge about conservation of monuments
  • getting to know everyday life in an art bookstore
  • implementation of your own projects, depending on your hobbies, interests and passions
  • support of a coordinator, tutor and mentor
  • the chance to make new international friends
  • a chance to make new international friends
  • learning foreign languages, including Polish and English
  • opportunity to travel throughout Poland


The project is co-financed by the European Solidarity Corps programme and involves 16 volunteers from Europe and partner countries as well as volunteers from Poland.


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