Piotr Damasiewicz


Piotr Damasiewicz, born in Wroclaw, is a composer, trumpeter, multiinstrumentalist. He reaches to the language of jazz, moving towards free jazz ideas, through European classical music, all the way to the achievements of modern music, including European improvised  music, sound art, electro acoustic improvisation and experimental music.

He founded “Music According To Art” (MATA), an association which promotes artists looking for alternative solutions in art. Apart from musicians, the association gathers people from the world of fine arts who are open to a mutual dialogue. One of its achievements in this area was the exhibition of the artwork by Damasiewicz in Contemporary Art Gallery BWA in Katowice. In this project, he experimented with space and form in a dialogue with „Pojęciokształty” („figures of meaning”), works by poet and artist Stanisław Dróżdż.
He also collaborated with the artistic circles of academies of fine arts in Wrocław and Katowice as the co-author of various multimedia projects. He had an opportunity to participate in the organization of Avant Art Festival, Gerngesehen and Mex, European musical platform Jazzplayseurope 2010, Take Five Project 2013 and European Jazz Network. He also took part in the international improvised music summit Alpenglow, where leading players from Styria (Austria) met  musicians from Wrocław  (Poland). As a musician, Damasiewicz works with his own projects: Power Of The Horns, ImproGraphic, Mnemotaksja, Hadrons, but he also collaborates with VeNN Circles and Art Escape Quintet.