Piotr Tkacz

Kino Pamięci (Memory Cinema)

“Kino Pamięci” is a 3-channel sound collage merging voices, field recordings, electronic and acoustic sounds. Something between a diary, a chronicle of personal stories more important than official history and a soundscape portrait of Sokołowsko. It’ll also touch upon a subject of the significance of sound in film through use of various audio excerpts from movies as a commentary or counterpoint.
Each of the 3 segments will be quite independent and of different duration so, while running on loop, with every repetition the combined entity will result in slightly alterated version.

Piotr Tkacz (b. 1985) – improviser, organiser, DJ. His articles were published in “Czas kultury”, “Glissando”, “2+3D”, “Dwutygodnik/Biweekly”, “Fragile”, “Jazz Forum”, “M|I”. He hosts a show “Zasypywanie kanonu” in Radio Afera. He is involved in such initiatives as za duszno series, the festival of improvised music FRIV, Historie muzyki, Warsztat dźwięków, Nasłuch aktywny/pasywny.
He is a part of such music projects as Kurort, Radioda, Revue svazu českých architektů, Stupor, Tkacze, Lata, Sumpf and he has also recorded with Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Herman  Müntzing, Pascal Battus and Seiji Morimoto. Open scores (text- and graphic-based) are of special interest to him both from practical and theoretical perspective.
Tkacz was invited to such festivals as Malta, Ostrava New Music Days, Animator, Musica Electronica Nova and gave lectures in National Museum of Ethnography in Warsaw, FAMU in Prague and Kulturhauz in Toruń.
Active also as a DJ, nowadays in two personas: DJ 2 Lewe Ręce and DJ Viagem ao Fim da Noite.