Marcin Barski

Marcin Barski – Wanda’s Dream

We don’t know much about Wanda. In fact we cannot even prove that she existed. The only traces she left are some recordings of her voice on old tapes found in a cardboard box. Notes handwritten in pencil suggest the tapes were recorded in early 1980s. And when you listen closely they reveal quite a story – a story of migration, of hard work, of love and possible crime. But there are also other found tapes which add a lot to this story and together create an audial ghostly insight into their time. Who killed Wanda? We don’t know, but we can tell how it all sounded like. The installation ‘Wanda’s Dream’ is a reflection on the belief people had once the radio was invented – that if you have receiver strong enough, you would be able to listen to the voices of the dead. Let’s see if we can really do that. And let’s discuss the memory of time hidden in old, abandoned recordings.