Lucio Capece

Lucio Capece / A Perceptual Ecosystem – performance / installation

A Perceptive Ecosystem

Installation-Performance happening at the small lake in front of the main House at Sokolowsko´s Sanatorium Festival.The performance-installation happens after the post-festival parties, whatever is the time the parties finish, during three hours in the night. A sound recording of the space is made during the night, in previous days.This recording is played during the three hours of the installation-performance but fading in and out in non-regular timing, via a small Stereo PA system. At the same time this recording is played (permanently but not listenable) via a transducer attached to a Strobe light producing a light reaction according to the sound activity present in the recording.

This light reaction triggers a light sensor that triggers sine waves spots (sonic stars) deduced from the frequencies present in the original recording. A Presence sensor is also triggered by the presence of people approaching a spot closed to the lake. In this case the presence sensor triggers stable and slightly longer  (5 seconds) sine waves.

This sine waves spots and lines are amplified via 3 floating wire less speakers and 5 hanging wire less speakers. 4 Ultraviolet lights are attached in a vertical way to 4 trees around the small lake, these 4 lights are the imaginary angles of the five arms of star, formed together with the Strobe light ( as a 5th light forming the angle of the 5 th arm of the star). The concept behind is to create a series of ambiguous sonic events that stimulate the awareness of the multiple and inter connected aspects of perception, as characteristics of nature itself.