SOKOLOWSKO OF SOUND / 18th May 2019 | Sanatorium Brehmera | Sokołowsko | 20.00

We invite you to the ◧ SOKOLOWSKO OF SOUND ◨ first edition.

Sokołowsko of Sound features a series of concerts, film projections, meetings with curators, producers and music journalists. Core events of the series, focused on the issue of contemporary experimental music, are organized within the framework of the Sokołowsko Sanatorium of Sound festival.
During these events, organized once a month from May till December 2019 in Sokołowsko, our audience will be able to acquaint themselves with the work of such artists as: Krzysztof Knittel, Katarzyna Podpora, Max Kohyt, Gerard Lebik, Xavier Lopez, Adam Asnan, David Maranha, Phil Minton.

18th May 2019 | Sanatorium Brehmera | Sokołowsko | 20.00

The first meeting – Sokołowsko of Sound 1 # – features a set of concerts entitled ‘Three Dimensions of Sound’. We will present the following artists: Krzysztof Knittel, Gerard Lebik, duet Katarzyna Podpora i Max Kohyt, Xavier Lopez.

The idea behind THREE DIMENSIONS OF SOUND is to create a space enabling a meeting of three different expressions, strategies and stories of artists engaged in the so called electronic or electro-acoustic music field – which in fact escapes all classifications – composed, improvised, performative or oozing out through coils of cable – the kind of music where sound is created the moment it is joined with space and with its audience’s focused attention; and within this delicate network of relations it ‘forms itself’. THREE DIMENSIONS OF SOUND deliver four concerts in one evening, and this means presenting four different artistic attitudes and generations of artists active in the vast field of sound art as well as uniting these elements to create a new, different ‘space’.

Krzysztof KNITTEL composer, co-founder of improvised music groups, including the KEW Composers’ Group (1973-76), the Independent Electroacoustic Music Studio (1982-84), ‘Pociąg Towarowy’ – ‘Freight Train’ (set up in 1986), the European Improvisation Orchestra (1996-98), the CH&K&K Group (founded in 1999) and ‘Kawalerowie Błotni’ – ‘Mud Cavaliers’ (set up in 2003). Born in Warsaw in 1947, he studied at the Departments of Sound Engineering and of Composition, Conducting and Music Theory of the Fryderyk Chopin State Higher School of Music in Warsaw. Since 1973 he collaborated with the Experimental Studio of Polish Radio in Warsaw. In 1978 he worked at The Center of the Creative and Performing Arts w Buffalo, USA.

_multimedia artist born in Kołobrzeg, lives and works in Gdańsk; strongly attached to the sea – its soundscape, its movement, and the wayit affects solid matter; graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk [Faculty of Sculpture and Intermedia Art, obtained a PhD degree in 2014 – in Prof. Katarzyna Józefowicz’s studio]; she is not employed at the academy, she remains a freelance and a translator of scientific texts concerning art; fascination with words – their meaning and interrelation with real space – forms her creative thinking and artistic practice; she works mainly with space experienced or reflected through recording, materiality of written word, linguistic sensitivity, meaningful mater, the process of recording/reading; she creates and presents objects, installation, video and sound – experimenting with recording and improvisation [instruments/ objects /spaces]; she collaborates with Maksym Kohyt – musician and composer

Composer, co-founder of the Sopot Jazz Association. He collaborated on production of numerous opera and theatre spectacles directed by such artists as Rafał Matusz, Marek Weiss, Janusz Wiśniewski and Ryszard Peryt. The head of the production department at the Baltic Opera in Gdańsk; he also composes music for theatrical plays [2016 – music for “Pinocchio”, directed by Rafał Matusz, Dramatic Theatre in Tarnów; 2016 – “Little Red Riding Hood”, directed by Piotr Serbowski, Gdynia Głowna Theatre; 2017 – Dogville, dirscted by Rafał Matusz, Dramatic Theatre in Elbląg]. Electro-acoustic and modern music is his main passion. He collaborates with the artist Katarzyna Podpora – together they form a musical duo playing live; they lead the “Spaces In-Between” Cultural Foundation and create a series of radio shows SELF NOISE [Radio Sopocki]


his music and sound works oscillate between improvised and composed forms. Using acoustic and electronic media, he focuses on such phenomena as time, space, the perception of sound waves. Founder of the Sanatorium of Sound festival/platform for experimental and new music.

collaborated and performed with: Keith Rowe, Phil Minton, Ryoko Akama, Lucio Capece, David Maranha, Kasper T. Toeplitz, Eryck Abecassis, Paul Lovens, Piotr Wojtasik, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Jerome Noetinger, Noid, Klaus Filip and many others

participated: Kunsthalle Basel, TodaysArt Festival Hague, V: NM-Festival Graz, Biennale Zagreb, Tokyo Jazz, Festival Umbrella Chicago, TD Vancouver, Bienalle Wro, Avant Art, Mem Bilbao, LulCec Barcelona, SuperDeluxe, Ftarri-Tokyo, Quite Que-Berlin, Fylkingen Stockholm, CSW Warsaw, De Werf Brugge, Dizzy’s Club NY…

(piano/laptop, 1981, France) studies saxophone piano and drums at Perpignan’s conservatory, his hometown. In moves to Amsterdam in 2002 where he studies classical and jazz music. He developed since then an autodidact approach to laptop playing based on feedback processing and sin-waves. His work deals with space and silence perception using memory as a time matrix, creating situations of highly demanding listening who question the musical performance as well than cultural consumption habits. He performs in different settings with a main focus on electro-acoustic sound blendings, often minimalistic, sometimes noisy.His influences range from Free-jazz to Jazzcore, noise music, reductionist approaches to improvisation, onkyo and world music. Lives in Paris since 2006 where he co-organizes the Trashvortex concert series.