Sokołowsko Jazz feat. Tomasz Stańko Days

Sokołowsko Jazz feat. Tomasz Stańko

Opublikowany przez Sokołowsko Laboratorium Kultury Sobota, 12 września 2020

Sokołowsko Jazz  feat. Tomasz Stańko Days


Sokołowsko Jazz feat. Tomasz Stańko Days comes as another celebration of art organized by the Foundation of Contemporary Art In Situ in Sokolowsko. This time our musical events focus on contemporary jazz music and the outstanding person of the eminent Polish trumpeter Tomasz Stańko.  An international project formed exclusively for Sokołowsko Jazz and referring to the music of this great master is the core of the special event realized on September 12th, featuring such artists as Miles Perkin, Jim Black, Amalia Obrębowska and Maciej Obara.

The on-line version will present archival concerts of great artists including Bobo Stenson, Marcin Wasilewskin Piotr Damasiewicz, and during a discussion panel moderated by a journalist Peter Margasak our audience will be able to hear, among others, artists who collaborated closely with Tomasz Stańko.

Sokołowsko – also known as the “Silesian Davos” – is a picturesque little town at the heart of the Sowie Mountains, very near to where Poland borders with Czech Republic, where Foundation of Contemporary Art In Situ performs its cultural activity by organizing such international festivals as Hommage a Kieślowski (running, at the same time, an archive devoted to the artist’s work), Festival of Ephemeral Art Contexts, Sanatorium of Sound. Each year Sokołowsko Laboratory of Culture is visited by dozens of artists who create projects within the framework of Artist In Residency as well as educational programmes. The Foundation is also deeply involved in renovating the beautiful, XIX-century building – the former Dr. Brehmer’s Sanatorium – which has become a landmark firmly marked on the cultural map of Europe.

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11-13.09.2020 – Sokołowsko Jazz feat. Tomasz Stańko Days – PROGRAMME 

Live Events – 12.09.2020 – Sokołowsko KinoTeatr Zdrowie ul.Główna 36

17.00 ” Stańko Reminiscence” – discussion panel moderated by Peter Margasak, participants: Maciej Obara,  Miles Perkin, Jim Black, Bobo Stenson, Jakob Bro

19.00 Concert —Miles Perkin, Amalia Obrębowska, Maciej Obara, Jim Black

Archival concerts – ON-LINE – 11-13.09.2020 

Tomasz Stańko Quartet, Marcin Wasilewski Trio, Piotr Damasiewicz Power Of The Horns, Maciej Obara Quartet, Bobo Stenson Trio

Programme: Gerard Lebik

Curatorial collaboration: Piotr Turkiewicz

Organization: Zuzanna Fogtt / Foundation of Contemporary Art In Situ

Due to safety measures and restrictions concerning the size of our audience, please, register by emailing:

The only record which I borrowed and never gave back was a record by Tomasz Stańko. It was “Litania”, an album I loved from the very first listening. Every time my friend asked me to give it back I made up stacks of excuses, until he gave up asking at all. Since then I have listened to this record regularly. Of course there are more albums by Stańko which I revisit, but this one touched me the most. It also opened a gateway to the world created by the ECM label for me.

We have discussed a new jazz oriented initiative with Zuza and Gerard for a few years now – that is why there are so many reasons to be happy with the Sokołowsko Jazz feat. Tomasz Stańko Days project. First of all, the magic of this town which impresses me every time I visit. Second of all, the opportunity to invite many great artists.

Merging two scenes of improvised music – the Polish one and the one base in Berlin – especially in these troubled times – seemed the best strategy. Berlin is now known as the world’s biggest centre of improvised music, with Jim Black and Miles Perkin as two of the leading improvising musicians who reside in this city.

Whereas Maciej Obara is one of the most eminent jazz artists in Poland, once invited by Tomasz Stańko to form a collaboration, he now records for ECM. This constellation is joined by Amalia Obrębowska – a great violinist representing the youngest generation of Polish improvisers.

The concert shall present compositions by each member of the quartet as well as pieces composed by Stańko. And there will be an opportunity to discuss how this Polish trumpet master still influences contemporary jazz – a panel moderated by Peter Margasak – a journalist who has published texts in such renowned magazines as Chicago Reader, The New York Times, Rolling Stone i Downbeat.


See you in Sokołowsko.

Curatorial text: Piotr Turkiewicz


Tomasz Stańko

Miles Perkin

Amalia Obrębowska

Maciej Obara

Jim Black

Piotr Turkiewicz

Piotr Damasiewicz

Marcin Wasilewski Trio

Jocob Bro

Bobo Stenson

Peter Margasak