Mario de Vega / Marcelina Wellmer

Mario de Vega / Marcelina Wellmer

Phase Disorder // A-I-R Sanatorium of Sound 2016 Sokołowsko


Phase Disorder For synthetic materials, custom-made electronics, and video projection 2016

Phase Disorder presents itself as a series of sculptures and audio-visual narrations based on the juxtaposition of natural and synthetic materials. 

Through molecular irritation with microwave technology, thermal energy, concrete sound, psychoacoustic phenomena, and visual ambiguity as primal elements, the production process is based on the molecular disorder of non-conductive and conductive materials using microwaves refraction and friction. In doing so, microwave technology will be used as a tool to modify the physical structure of materials through a speculative approach. The process and results obtained will be photographed and treated with digital media to produce moving images with fragmented narratives, afterwards exhibited as an audio- visual performance. 

During the residency, this collaboration will focus on the exploration of acoustic phenomena in sokolowsko through recording techniques based on inverse engineering approaches and the modification of materials founded on site, producing a body of work for a series of sculptures and an audio-visual performance as a technic to extend the potential of the process in which the process itself will be exposed as artistic output. 

The first part of the work will aim to produce a series of sculptures obtained by the molecular irritation of assorted materials with microwaves, using polyurethane, alkaline solutions, glycerol, sodium hydroxide, petrochemicals, leather, carbon, silicon, semiconductors, copper, gold, and aluminium between other materials. The production process will be photographed and used as media to obtain single frames of the process to compile material for post-production. 

Phase Disorder has two main outcomes: 

– a series of sculptures produced by Mario de Vega,
– an audio-visual performance by Mario de Vega and Marcelina Wellmer. 

Mario de Vega (Born in Mexico City, 1979).
Mario de Vega works with site-specific installations, sound, sculpture, documentation of ephemeral interventions, actions and publications in diverse formats, exploring the value of failure, vulnerability and simulation. His work has been exhibited throughout Mexico, USA, Canda, South Africa, India, Russia, Japan and around Europe. He works and lives in Berlin and Mexico City.

Marcelina Wellmer (Born in Poland, 1975).
Marcelina Wellmer works with video, installation and painting, exploring symbiotic relations between humans and interfaces of information exchange and media, crossing the border from analog to digital and vice versa.
Wellmer reuses lost and recovered data files and IT hardware, exploring erroneous process of encoding and decoding. Her work has been exhibited around Europe, Australia, Canada, USA and Japan. She works and lives in Berlin.